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Why Summer is the Best Season for Running

Why Summer is the Best Season for Running
Why Summer is the Best Season for Running

Do you love the feel of the sun on your skin when it’s summer? Or perhaps you enjoy breathing in the fresh country air and smelling all of the flowers that are blooming? Whatever your reasons, there is no denying that summertime holds great benefits for those who spend time outdoors. While running during this season may not be as comfortable, it is arguably the best time for your runs and jogs. Many people start training in earnest at this time of year as well. Here are a few reasons why summer is the best season for running.

The Weather is Perfect for Running

While you may be sweating profusely during your summer runs, the hotter climate does have its benefits. With the warmer temperatures, no inversions or high humidity prevent you from getting a good workout outdoors. You also won’t need to worry about avoiding the rain. If it is hot and sunny outside, it is not unusual for runners to begin their outings as early as 6:00 AM to experience the best weather conditions possible during their run.

Running in Summer is More Fun Socially

One of the best things about summer is that you don’t need to run indoors during the summer months. You can enjoy running outdoors with a friend or family member at any time of day or night. The question then becomes who will want to go for a run outside if you have to battle the heat in the middle of the afternoon. Fortunately, those who run both morning and evening seem to enjoy the social aspects of running in summer more than they did during other seasons. You run into other runners and have fun with them.

More Races are Scheduled During Summer Months

During early spring, it can be difficult finding races close by because there aren’t many scheduled during this period. This may cause frustration if your schedule doesn’t allow you time off work on weekdays before mid-June and after mid-September, when most races occur. However, as temperatures rise on either side of the equator and the planet’s tilt becomes more pronounced, we see more races scheduled. This allows you to find a race near you if you are looking for one closer to home and runs that are shorter and time-wise compared to your typical summer race.

Running in Summer is Good Conditioning

One of the best benefits of running during this time of year is that your body will be forced to acclimate to the higher temperatures associated with summertime runs. You will find that your body will be better prepared for racing each fall and winter once you are accustomed to running in warmer conditions throughout summer and early fall. This is great news for marathoners who want to improve their fitness when they begin training each year and runners who compete in shorter races during this time of year. Your body will be warmer and better equipped to run.

It is Safer to Run Outside During Summer

is largely safer than running indoors. The heat, humidity, and the number of people on roads and paths will keep you safer while running outside in the summer than inside a gym. Running both morning and evening has additional benefits in that you can often run (and more frequently) without needing a break to cool off. Whether its road running or trail running, you’ll find company.

You Enjoy More Daylight Hours

As the seasons change and the days grow longer, runners can also enjoy more daylight hours than in early spring. This comes as a nice surprise after  in the colder months when during early spring and late winter, you’ll only have about a quarter of daylight you get during high summer. Running long races during this time of year allows you to enjoy at least some daylight hours. It is a beautiful time to get into fitness and mold your body.

You Get the Most from Your Runs During Summer

One of the biggest reasons to run in the summer is that you get the most out of your run at this time of year. The sun will shine on most summer days, so you can easily run along a beach or near a lake. That said, you should dress appropriately for running outside during the summer. You will need to get the right running shoes and attire to keep you comfortable when running. All this contributes to you getting the most from the activities.


With the temperatures dropping and the nights getting darker, summer is perhaps the most popular time to hit the outdoors for some running. The longer daylight hours mean there’s less need to bundle up, leaving you free to lace up your runner shoes and get out there. There are many physiological reasons for this, due to changes in weather patterns and natural sunlight levels during this time of year. It is a popular time to get into your athletics and fitness training activities.