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Best 5G Smartphones Money Can Buy july 2022

Best 5G Smartphones Money Can Buy
Best 5G Smartphones Money Can Buy

We have witnessed the growth of technology in the past couple of decades and it can be said with utmost certainty that the pace at which this growth has taken place is something which was never been experienced before. One of the major driving forces behind this rapid evolution is the internet. We have seen the birth of the computer and how it constantly shrank in size and today we all are moving with high-performing Computers, TVs, and phones in our pockets. Yes, you might have guessed by now that we are talking about Smartphones and all this has happened in only a few decades. There are no second thoughts in saying that all this has happened because we had the internet and without it, all of this might not have been possible in such a short span of time.

The Concept of IoT

Internet after being commercialized has been the ultimate catalyst behind every major technological invention, and we see that every gadget that we use has internet integration in it. This is the power of the cyber world that has ushered humanity into a new age of evolution, a new age of technology. This new age is called the age of the Internet of Things IoT, a concept that may seem like a plot of a science fiction film if discussed a few decades now but instead, it is a reality that we are living today. Internet of things means that there are devices with specialized equipment through which they can connect to each other in sharing information and data and we all know the medium through which these devices interact with each other is the internet.

Taking a look at one can clearly observe how cost-effective they are even for higher speeds, and this is something coming from one of the biggest internet providers in the US. This shows the efforts that service providers are taking in order to provide a good and cost-effective internet connection, which is the reason why this concept of IoT has become possible in such a short span of time.

5G: The Technology Defining the Future of the Internet

There was a time when the internet was connected through telephone lines with 56Kbps being the top speed achieved. Then there were advancements like DSL, Cable and now Fibre is becoming popular with upload and download speeds locked up to 1Gig. Similarly, on the cellular end, there were technologies to equip mobile phones with the internet on the go namely 3G and 4G. With the increase in smartphone trends and gadgets like these becoming more and more powerful and data-hungry, there was a need for high-speed wireless internet. This was catered by 4G but the speeds were not more than 50 Mbps which was sufficient for quite a while but ultimately a need for better technology was increasing.

In came 5G, relatively a new technology that is still in the testing phase but is slowly being rolled out in most of the world. A technology far superior to its predecessor 4G in terms of speed and network connectivity, early trials showed that 5G can easily provide up to 1Gig speed to mobile users. Here this should be noted that 5G is a wireless technology and to provide a humongous speed like this is a feat in itself, something which not many home providers can’t do with traditional cable infrastructure. 5G is well on its way to becoming the next big thing in the evolution of the internet and companies know that is why many devices are already rolled out in the market that is 5G supported in the wake of this new technology.

Best 5G Supported Smartphones

Many smartphone companies have already started producing 5G- supported smartphones back in 2018 when this technology was in the testing phase. Now when the infrastructure is in place and 5G services already started in some countries we are seeing major smartphone brands like Samsung and Apple integrating this technology in their flagship devices. Here is a list of the top 5G-compatible smartphones currently available in the market as per our research.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

The latest flagship by Apple and the king of smartphones for many the iPhone 13 arrived with a lot of surprises, the best smartphone camera, a vastly improved battery which was always Apple’s weak point, and yes 5G support as well. Although 5G was also present in the previous version of the iPhone 12, it was not the fastest and this year Apple has claimed to tweak the technology making it even better. With the latest A15 bionic this is the best option to go for someone already familiar with Apple’s ecosystem.

Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G

This phone is Samsung’s answer to the latest Apple flagship, the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Released in early 2022 with different release schedules for both smartphones. As it is released somewhat six months after the iPhone 13, which is why it is considered the most powerful Android device at the moment with 5G support, as evident in the name. A pretty solid and powerful device packed with an Octa-core processor and up to 12 GB of ram, the biggest one in a smartphone to date and with all the features that one expects from a Samsung-made device.

Google Pixel 5a

While the smartphones from Samsung and Apple on this list are enough to break your bank with a price range between 1000$ comes the Pixel 5a the budget-friendly 5G smartphone from Google. Being budget-friendly doesn’t mean that it is an underpowered phone in any way as it provides a great value for money and the cost is saved by using an old processor chipset. Although a great midrange phone with overall a good battery life and camera, the cherry on top is 5G support.

Final Thoughts

The future of 5G is quite promising with such high speeds never experienced before especially in wireless technology and it can be said with utmost certainty that this is the technology that is going to dominate the future of communication. However, at the moment 5G is in very early stages but is gaining momentum rapidly that is the result that we are seeing many 5G equipped smartphones nowadays and this trend is only going to continue with all smartphones being 5G equipped in the future. At the moment the devices listed above are comparatively the best ones in the market regarding the speed and connectivity with 5G